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Turning Project Documentation into Content Worth Sharing.

Concrete Pictures combines technical expertise and creative vision under one roof to provide our clients in the construction, restoration and demolition industries with stunning visual imagery.
We've been Building Content since 2011

When you're giving your project everything you've got, you can't afford to settle for less.

Call us before the first shovel hits the ground. Even better call us as early in the planning process as possible. We are experienced video professionals who know how to give you content you'll be proud to share.


For over a decade Concrete Pictures has been capturing Time-Lapse images nation wide. We've got the equpiment, experence and creative eye to deliver stunning imagery.


We have been flying commercial drones for years. Our pilots capture stunning imagery giving your company, your clients and you a birds eye view of your projects. 


Visual Content is key to getting your message out to the world. Our 4K videos combined with Award Winning Editing, Graphics, Music and Logos will get your projects noticed.


Proudly showcase your projects in the boardroom or around the world. Our Award winning photography stands out from the crowd as each image speaks a thousand words.


Our High Definition live streaming cameras will monitor your project 24/7 and allow you and your team to view the live picture from anywhere on the planet and on any device.


Using this cutting edge 3D image technology people can explore your project from anywhere on the planet. They will be able to explore the building as if they were actually  there in person.

We make your company, your project, and you look great.

Attention: Seeking Attention

When a picture says a thousand words a video says at least a couple million. Grab the attention of your clients, future clients, business contacts, possible new hires and the world with polished social media that you will be proud to share.

Once in a Lifetime Project

Do you have an amazing project that's a once in a lifetime opportunity? We will document your project visually using our Custom Time-lapse Systems, 4K Video Shooting, Drone Imaging and Still Photography to craft engaging social media.

Our Past, Our Present, Your Future

Our past and present work definitly speaks for itself. Show your future projects in the best light possible on your website, at the annual meeting, trade shows, college recuiting, conventions or as informitive sales tools.

Giving you the Visual Edge

Your company could be small or massive, it really doesn't matter. We can give you the edge by providing stunning imagery of your company and team at work, doing what you do and how they get it done.

These days how do you spell content?

It's spelled "VIDEO". Do you have a big RFP sitting on your desk? A video really drives home why you're the best choice for any project. How about your company's website? Every Website needs content.

500 Hundred Videos & Counting

Our Client List is extensive and varied. We have produced over 500 hundred videos for our clients across the country. Many of these videos are public and can be viewed on our YouTube Channel.

We're here to help.

Concrete Pictures has decades of experence in producing media for many different purposes. Together with our team of experts we specialize Time-Lapse Photography, Video Shooting, Still Photography, Drone Services, Video Editing and Production.

Call us, it's free to at least hear how we can help you and your business build visual content for internal use, external use, or both. 

  • Annual Meeting Visuals

  • Website Content and Media

  • Social Media Content

  • Safety Training Videos

  • Trade Show Visuals

  • Employee Recuitment Videos

  • Employee Onboarding

  • Compliance

Record, Engage, Tell a compelling story.

Designed, Engineered and Relied on by us.

Licensed, Insured and Certified Countrywide