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Live Onsite Camera Solutions

These days being able to keep a remote eye on your projects is a no brainer. Being able to see what is going on day or night brings peace of mind.

In addition to creativily documenting your projects Concrete Pictures can also deploy live streaming camera solutions. Our systems can be programmed to record 4K or 1080 HD video based upon motion, time, day, event or full time 24/7. Plus the same system they can also shoot time-lapse images at whatever interval, day and/or time the project requires. Easy. 

Keep an eye on your projects 24 hours a day using any device and from anywhere on hte planet. 

Concrete Pictures has partnered with Axis Communications, a global leader in providing internet based camera solutions worlwide.

What are the advantages to using this technology?

  • - 4K or 1080 HD Video at up to 60fps

  • - Access any Camera or Recording from any device

  • - Camera Systems are fully scaleable as the project progresses

  • - Licensed Commercial Drone Experts 

  • - Full Documentaion for Each and Every Flight

  • - 3D Project Site Modelling and Volume Metrics

  • - Approved by Transport Canada

  • - Approved by NAVCAN

  • - Repeatable flights over days, months or years

  • - 48 Hour Approval to Fly Anywhere in Canada