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Time-Lapse Photography

Starting in 2011 Concrete Pictures started providing quality high resolution time-lapse services. Currently we have clients that are spread across the country that trust Concrete Pictures to deliver stunning time-lapse imagery of their once in a lifetime projects. We start by having a discussion, followed by a site survey of your project site. We'll then provide a detailed quote and creative approach to best capture your project. Once approved we'll take it from there and eventually ending with the delivery of polished social media content that you will be proud to share.

Our Time-Lapse Solutions

  • - Fully weather proofed camera housings, -40C to +50C 

  • - High Resolution Cameras - up to 32 megapixel images

  • - Network IP cameras streaming video and shooting time-lapse

  • - Battery Powered, Solar Powered, On Site Power

  • - Multipule Time-lapse Programming Schedules

  • - Fast High Speed Quality Lenses 

  • - Design, Installation and Removal of our Equipment

  • - Scheduled camera cleaning and maintenance

  • - High Resolution Movie files of your project

  • - Proven Track Record

  • - Safe and Solid Mounting Solutions

Creative Time-Lapse Solutions

Whether your project is 4 hours long or 4 years long, or somewhere in the middle Concrete Pictures will get it done. We have the solutions, experence, expertise and equipment. Over the years we have shot hundreds of projects, big and small, in Canada's largest urban areas,  cites, towns and remote locations in the middle of nowhere. Concrete Pictures has a proven track record and our work speaks for itself. Concrete Pictures are the experts when it comes to Time-Lapse photography. Make sure your project is covered from start to finish with our high-resolution camera units. Capturing the entire is project is crucial for everything from a company archive to marketing content. Document it all. Save it and show it forever.